Hello, and welcome to the official website for The Rotunda! This is the home of Otopop and Mali.Otopop is the first SFW Lalafell body, colloquially known as Gen P(otato). This mod comes with three underwear options, and trans-friendly options.
Otopop took me over 7 months to fully develop, and was completely made, designed, textured, and weighed from scratch.
Mali meanwhile is a partially- retopoligized TnF body with fully redone hands. It features a more realistic silhouette as well as more realistic breast-slider with natural sag and bounce, while retaining sex appeal.
Both mods come with a matching set of undies to have a somewhat matching set.
**To the side, you can find the relevant links for this website. You can read my Blog, get links to different places revolving around Otopop/Mali, etc. **

Otopop Commercial Licence - Ulli's Ko-fi Shop
Otopop Commercial Licence - Ulli's Ko-fi Shop

Otopop Current Version:May 17 1.5.3
**Current Otopop Devkit Version: **May 14
**Otopop Mani-Pedi Pack: **1.4.2 May 17
Mali Current Version: 0.9.1 April 19
***If you downloaded the mod before this, please update it to the most recent version before making any bug reports. Thanks! ***

Patch Notes are usually included in patch info on the modpage.

Otopop© 2021-2022

Commission Information

InformationCommission slots info can be found in my discord.
Prices are based on time/difficulty. The harder the mod, the higher the price.
Any commissions over $40 will require at least half payment upfront. Payment method can be done through Paypal, Stripe, Ko-fi, or Payoneer. I am not that picky. Just let me know what method of payment you want to do and I'll provide the info needed to do so.
All Port/Vanilla Conversion mods will be posted publicly in a monthly megapack for said body.Sharing Policy: I don't mind you sharing this mod with friends once it is complete. You paid for it, thus it is yours to do with as you please. You pay for the hamburger, I provide it. I do not follow you home to make sure you are the one to eat said hamburger.
Just don't take credit for my work. Fixes to other people's mods will remain private. I don't feel comfortable sharing those.
Might take screenshots showing the work/fixes but that's about it.
NSFW Policy: Do not ask for NSFW lalafell stuff. Tall-bodied NSFW depends on whether I feel comfortable enough to do said mod.I can decline to take a commission for any reason. I am not obliged to do work I do not want to.
Please note I am in Australia so work/communication times are based off AEST. So +15 hours from EST.

List of things I will not edit/create:-Mods using the Relala body type
-Mods depicting NSFW Lalafell
-Mods depicting blood/gore/scars/burns(I am squeamish around that kind of stuff, sorry!)
-Extreme kink wear/props
-Sexual Props
-Mods involving sexualized animals(why is this a thing that has to be said?)
-Animation mods(I don't know how to do it in ffxiv... will do them once I figure out how)

Item TypePricing
Vanilla Conversions Clothing (Bibo/TnF/TBSE/UHRB/Otopop/Other)$40-80
Vanilla Mashups:$80-120
Clothing Ports from Other games$90-200
Skirt weights+$50-90 additional to pricing.
Custom Made Clothing Meshes:$150-300 depending on complexity. Please have reference art or photos ready to go.
Teeth Fitting/Custom teeth$15-30 (depending on if I'm just slapping a pair in or making a new one or repairing a bad sculpt to accommodate teeth)
Accessories Port$10-30
Custom Made Accessories$50-100
Mani-Pedi Ports:$15-40 depending on the Complexity
Weight fixes:$20-60
Hair Hat Compatibility(Mesh is provided by commissioner):$30 for Miqote, $25 for all other races Bundle Deal: $90 for all races
Vanilla Hair/ SN Mashup:$40-70
Tattoo Bake(Porting tattoo from 1 body to another):$15
Prop Ports:$15-30
Custom from Scratch hair:Currently Unavailable. Still refining skills doing so.
Custom Tattoo:Please DM. The prices of these depend on difficulty/if I am drawing something or just putting something on skin. These are really hard to do and I might reject the commission if I feel it is beyond my skill level.
Custom Made Props:Please DM. These can be either really simple or really complex. +Depends on what the object is if I even am capable of modeling something.
Face Sculpts/Makeup:I don't want to. I know how. But I don't want to. I am okay editing them on SOME occasions.
Maid Service:Aka: Fixing other people's mods. Price varies. Please tell me what needs adjustment. It probably falls into one of the above catagories.
2D ArtworkAsk
Mod HelpFree!

Dev Blog

April 15
I've decided to launch a patreon. This has been something I have considered doing for a LONG time now, and I've added my older paywalled mods to this.
Older mods can only be accessed through the 2nd tier or higher, while current mods can be accessed through this month's subscription.Please note, I am only doing 1 paid mod a month as to not overwhelm myself. My mods will still be available for single purchase on my Ko‑fi however...ALL patreon mods will have a heliosphere autoupdate link included, but should be downloadable from patreon as well. I highly reccomend downloading the heliosphere version that way you can get any bug fixes if I have to do them upon your next login. I shouldn't since these mods are bugtexted 3x more than my usual stuff, but I am only human, I do make mistakes.That being said, I have uploaded my patreon mods to heliosphere for those subscribed.You can find the link here:

Dev Febuary 7, 2023:
A lot has been going on the past few months. Freindships formed and broke, and just a lot has been happening. I've been developing my skills as a modder, as well as working on a gen-3 body based off TnF. I've called it Mali, which means Little in Ukranian and I feel it fits the more slender frame of this body. I had fun doing it more or less. And while it has nsfw features, I still don't want nsfw content on my server. Anywhere else is fine... Just not there. But yeah!
I'm dipping my toes into tall modding. Considered making a male body but there are so many out there and they cover so many body types, feel I don't have anything new to offer. However--- female bodies gen3 wise felt a bit lacking so... Here we are. Anyways, thanks for reading this, you probably are one of the few people who does. I do need to do a texture still, but... UNF/TnF original I feel cover it pretty well and the one I created I feel doesn't compare. So until I can make something that rises to my standards of quality, please use UNF as the base to your skin-texture. Thank you for understanding.


**Dev Blog February 24, 2022: **So. Otopop is more or less done outside of a few skin diffuses I have planned for the future. Not to mention the mani-pack.However, this mod has taken up so much time and energy, I'm taking a break for about a week or so. Most of the more popular gloves are done, and all feet are done. Just need to do the other...150ish or so hands. Which, considering I've completed about 90, still feels like a lot. More so since the remaining gloves are fingerless gloves. Those take a lot longer than just gloveless hands which are mostly just pulling a few vertexs. I also plan to improve the quality of some of the pedi-pack once the mani is complete.
Please be patient with me as I work! This is a big mod after all. ^^

Otopop© 2021-2022

Otopop ToS

General Permissions

- Do not post NSFW screenshots within The Rotunda discord server. While I do not mind creating content with NSFW aspects, the viewing of it with my eyes is not appreciated. This includes mods, poses, screenshots, etc. This is for both Lalafell and Tall screenshots. I don't care if you post NSFW screenshots of my tall mods on social media and other discords, just not here. My server is a pg-13 server, please treat it as such.- Do not port mods created exclusively (from scratch content) for Mali/Otopop to ReLala under any circumstance. This means custom-made meshes are not to be ported. My ports since I do not own the assets may be converted toRelala. I would prefer you not to, but you are not restricted from it like my custom work.-You may port the midlander-base mods I have released to any other body, as long as the port is kept private until the public release version of the has been out for a month. You can port my lalafell mods to other Otopop based bodies or Vanilla. All of my mods are allowed to be ported to the "A Better Vanilla" body type.- Do not publish mods based off my currently paywalled content. You can do private edits at anytime but do not publish said work until my mod has been publicly released for free for at least a month. You may not paywall this content. This includes texture edits.-Do not port my paid content to VRchat. You may port my free content to VRchat as long as I am credited.-Please ask if you want to port my content to another game. Everything I make is from scratch and I would like to know what my content is being used for.- Sharing mods policy: You can share my paid content with your significant other/family. If you do a commission, you can share the final mod to whoever you please, just do not take credit for it.- You may NOT use anything I've made (including modkits and resources) as a part of, or aiding in the creation of, any illegal or questionable content. This includes NSFW or sexually suggestive Lalafell, NSFW or sexually suggestive underaged characters (regardless if you even attempt to age them up), or NSFW or sexually suggestive legal-aged characters to resemble an age below 18.

Otopop© 2021-2022